Freeing (a little bit) my mobile

27 Oct 2017 / Leonardo Barichello

Last week the crowdfunding campaign for Librem 5 finished and they achieved their goal! Actually, they exceeded it in 42%, with more than 2 million dollars raised when the goal was 1.5 million. This was a huge achievement and since they are going fully open (hardware and software) and think this could be the beginning of linux's on mobiles. Although open software may never get a significant market share on mobiles, I am very glad that this option will exist and will be viable!

My only issue with the Librem 5 is its price. I do not like mobiles, I have one because it is convenient. So, I would never pay 600 dollars in such a device. My latest devices is a second hand Nextbit Robin that costed me 130 pounds. The device was chosen because it is considered (by some reviewers) as one of the best to run Lineage OS and because I could find a second hand in good conditions.

Unfortunately, as I use some google services and I could not make the mobile work as I needed without the basic google apps. So, my solution was to install OpenGApps (the micro version), which allowed me to use Gmail, Google Calendar and Play Store with no hustle. I know there is a lot of proprietary code behind these apps and services, but I feel this is a viable step towards openness. The micro version does not include Google Maps, which was important for me since I was getting really bothered by its alerts tracking my location even when I was not actively using the app.

My next step was to install F-Droid, an Android app repository for free and open source. My intention is progressively identify good apps that may enable me to get ride of all google apps. So far, here are some recommendations:

Sparse RSS: basic rss reader to gather news and blog posts. The look is not that great, but it does what it is meant to do. The only annoying feature is that the user has to provide the full address to the rss file (it does not detect it from the basic url of a blog, for instance).

Pretty Good Music Player: folder based music player. Simple, intuitive and functional. The problem for me is that it is not possible to close the app from the status bar and I like this feature.

Vanilla Music: music player that offers the possibility of navigating your collection according to artists, albums and so on, but also according to folders. The status bar provided is very useful and functional. I am very satisfied with this app so far.

Any new app, I will post here.

Matemática Multimídia e alguns filhos

11 Oct 2017 / Leonardo Barichello

A coleção Matemática Multimídia foi desenvolvida por uma equipe da Unicamp entre 2008 e 2011 da qual tive o prazer de fazer parte.

A coleção oferece mais de 300 objetos educacionais concebidos originalmente para o Ensino Médio (vários deles são compatíveis com Ensino Fundamental e Ensino Superior) em quatro formatos diferentes: áudios, experimentos, softwares e vídeos. Os experimentos são roteiros para atividades envolvendo algum tipo de material manipulativo em que os alunos têm a oportunidade de gerar dados, testar hipóteses e depois utilizar a matemática para formalizar as conclusões. Os vídeos (todos disponíveis no Youtube) têm 10 minutos de duração e variam bastante desde ênfase em aspectos históricos, passando por discussão de problemas e aplicações até a discussão e explicação de conceitos e procedimentos. Os áudios são especialmente variados, mas no geral valorizam aspectos culturais e uma abordagem mais leve da matemática. Finalmente, os softwares infelizmente estão fora de funcionamento por motivos técnicos.

Apesar de já ter mais de 6 anos de vida, a coleção Matemática Multimídia continua sendo utiliza em Licenciaturas de Matemática e por professores e alunos. Por enquanto, contamos apenas com relatos informais de colegas, contatos pessoais e entuasiastas, mas em breve devemos começar a organizar algum tipo de repositório de experiências. Por hora, gostaria de divulgar um vídeo filho da coleção que descobri no Festival de Vídeos Matemática promovido pela Unesp de Rio Claro.

Primeiro, vejamos o objeto que deu origem a este filho, o vídeo Jardim de Números:

Agora, vejamos o vídeo Resolvendo o Jardim de Números, criado por alunos do 3º Ano do Ensino Médio do Colégio SESI, Bandeirantes do Paraná:

Parabéns aos estudantes pelo bom trabalho!

Se você tem mais alguma experiência com objetos educacionais da coleção Matemática Multimídia, comente abaixo!

Purism, an open mobile

17 Sep 2017 / Leonardo Barichello

Since the failed attempt of Canonical to crowdfund the Ubuntu Touch device some time ago, there was not much news regarding free/open/libre options in the mobile world... until now! Purism, a company with a good experience with devices focused on openness and privacy, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to support a truly linux based device.

If you appreciate the idea, what about support the campaign? Personally, the device is a bit above my financial reach, but you can donate smaller amount just to support the campaign. If they succeed, this is probably going to open a huge door for linux onto the mobile market, and this could bring new (cheaper) devices :)

Update: the campaign was successful! :)


17 Sep 2017 / Leonardo Barichello

This recipe was strongly inspired by the video below.

Carluccio is quite relaxed about the recipe, that is why I calibrated it a little bit after some attempts. I have to say, my favorite part of this desert is to prepare it after the main dish, right before eating it, seating at the table, talking...

The ingredients below are for 2 people.

1 egg yolk
3 tsp caster sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla paste
A drop of milk (enough to soften the mascarpone)
150g mascarpone
100 ml of espresso (sweetened to your regular taste)
1 tbsp of amaretto liqueur
10-12 Savoiardi biscuits
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

For preparation, follow the video above. There are some alternative for Savoiardi biscuits, but this is actually the best option for this recipe.

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