BarraQDA - NvivoTools

20 Mar 2017 / Leonardo Barichello

Nvivo is the proprietary software most widely used by researchers to analyse their qualitative data. The software is very mature and offers a wide range of tools available through clicks. However, it has some problems:

  • It does not run on Linux;
  • It offers no way to extend its features;
  • It does not export to friendly formats.
  • Although most big universities offer free license to their researchers and students, Nvivo is quite expensive if you have to pay for it;
  • Finally, it is not open.

This list of reasons made me develop a software to help me organize and analyse the data I collected during my PhD research. But this post is not about my baby. Instead, I want to talk about BarraQDA - NvivoTools.

This set of tools allows you to export projects built on Nvivo to some more flexible (and open) formats. The options are RQDA (an open add-on to R that enable text coding) and a "standardized SQL format" that is coherent with current schemes for qualitative data and very user-friendly for non-experienced programmers.

Recently, I used the script to convert Nvivo to SQL to help a colleague generate a report ordered by an criteria that was not supported by Nvivo. Once exported, I opened it using SQLite Manager on Firefox and run a query doing what she needed. Lovely!

If you are stuck with Nvivo, you may consider these scripts to get some freedom if you need...

steve jobs

19 Jan 2017 / Leonardo Barichello

From a museum in Viena.

Foto tirada em um museu em Viena.

steve jobs

Nottingham Doughnut Co.

16 Jan 2017 / Leonardo Barichello

Doughnut, as simple as that.

Although they do not sell the delicious freshly baked doughnut typically found in street festivals, they still do a great job with regular doughnut. And they are not pretentious. Among the options, you can find flavours that could be considered at least questionable, such as Creamy Egg (a chocolate doughnut with a creamy egg hidden in it). However, they really do a great job with the basic and, as a result, the end product are usually very good.

My favourite flavours are Death by Chocolate and Salted Caramel (they have version with and without filling).

It definitively worth a visit! (even though the coffee is not good)

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