Poema(s) de sete faces

08 Apr 2015 / Leonardo Barichello
Quando nasci, um anjo torto
desses que vivem na sombra
disse: Vai, Carlos! ser gauche na vida.

Esses são os primeiros versos do Poema de Sete Faces, de Carlos Drummond de Andrade, publicado em 1930. Infelizmente, não conheço registro do poema na voz do autor, mas a leitura abaixo vale a pena:

Independentemente da beleza (incontestável) dos versos, acho interessante como eles se tornaram presentes no imaginário popular brasileiro. Na música, a ideia de um destino (torto) traçado por um anjo (ou algo equivalente) já no momento do nascimento é bastante comum. Particularmente, gosto de três referências.

1) A clássica Até o fim, de Chico Buarque.

2) Agora algo bem menos conhecido, mas mais forte na minha opinião: Let's play that, de Jards Macalé

3) As duas anteriores são até que óbvias, mas a referência vai muito mais longe do que isso e chega até os sotaques nordestinos com Siba na música Pisando em praça de guerra:

Sesc Instrumental

31 Mar 2015 / Leonardo Barichello

Recently, I started to use Youtube to listen to music. The idea never seemed right for me, but it seems that Google is monetizing videos that are essentially only music for the benefit of the authors not for that one who uploaded the video, which is good (and maybe sustainable) initiative.

Anyway, this post is about a really good music channel I found on Youtube: Sesc Instrumental. It is a series of live presentations of Brazilian bands playing instrumental music for about 1 hour. The archive covers music from Bossa Nova to more experimental jazz, from chorinho (a kind of instrumental samba) to progressive rock. All videos are legally published and with high quality! It is a good place to find good and non-famous Brazilian music.

I could give a lot of examples here, but I chose the one bellow because of the title of the music "Meu fraco é café forte", whose translation is "My weak point is strong coffee", composed and played by Jaiz in 4.

Other suggestions from this channel: Tom Zé, Carlos Malta and Funk como le gusta.

The sexism of the film "x+y"

18 Mar 2015 / Leonardo Barichello

Last week I went to the cinema to watch x+y, a British film about the journey of a brilliant math student until being part of the British team for the International Mathematics Olympiad. Overall, the film is OK, apart an inexplicable sexist scene in the end.

(spoiler alert)

The film has only three female characters: the boy's mother, a Chinese girl that ends up being the boy's first love and a blonde British girl whose role is not important... until the last 10 minutes of the film. The anticlimax of the movie happens when the coach of the Chinese team finds out that the Chinese girl spent the night in the bedroom of the main character. There was no need to explain how she ended up on his bedroom, but a few minutes after the scene, the blonde girl reveals that she was the one who told the coach implying that she made because of jealousy.

With this scene, all the female characters on the movie are "orbiting around" the main character (his mother, his first love and the blonde girl). I know that girls are not common in this kind of context (math) but there was no need to reinforce the female stereotype in films.

The film would not be particularly good for other reasons but, in my opinion, this scene destroyed it and made it seems highly sexist. After the film, reconsidering all the scenes in which the blonde girl was present, it was clear to me that none was really necessary, what made me think that the "final revelation" was inserted in the film by some kind of external interference (the producer?).

Independently of the reason, it is a shame that a non-Hollywood film supported by BBC portrayed woman like this...

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